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hips are rubbing and sliding!

Guest Herrera dancer

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Guest Herrera dancer

I have noticed that whenever I do develope to the side, or anything 90 degrees to the side...i can feel bones in my hips rubbing and sliding! It doesn't necessarily hurt...but it's starting to get uncomfortable. If this has anything to do with turnout, I am not in the center splits, cannot do the butterfly, or the frog (I'm guessing these things have to do with my turnout). So are my hips maybe irritated because I am forcing them to turnout?

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Guest dancer88291

OMG I get that sometimes too. I have had it all my life and it's starting to get annoying. so Im trying things that will help me turnout more.

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Well then what both of you should try to do is to work on the middle splits, the frog, and butterfly because those things help turnout ALOT. I remember it was super hard to turnout before I got into the middle splits and the others, those things help you alot. So remember to stretch every night! :thumbsup:

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It can be a lot harder on your knees than on your hips :(


The best way to work on rotation is to work very focused when you do barre work. Concentrate on every postion being in your best rotation. Really work hard on rond de jambe, as that is the exercise that is designed to teach your legs to work against each other to create better rotation. :)

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Guest xox DaNciNg in PiNk xox

I have the same exact problem...I have been working on turnout and thingslike that on the barre for a very long time and the problem is getting better but very slowly! it has now becomeuncomfortable for me as well. It just seems like nothing i do helps!

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