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Can someone help me?

Guest Ophelia08

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Guest Ophelia08

Hello everyone! :blushing:

I have been dancing ballet for 9 years and I absolutley love it! Over some of the summer I had to go to a university to take classes and I need some exercises to help my flexibility. I cannot attend my ballet schools summer intensive and I want to stay in shape. Thanks a lot! :thumbsup:

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Try to find some Pilates classes. That will help with both strength and flexibility. If you can't find that, try to find some yoga classes. If that fails, then look on Amazon.com and try to find the "Complete Stretching" book. You can also find it in Discount Dance Catalog. :thumbsup: Of course, the best advice to follow is the moderators' advice, so wait until they answer you, OK? I just thought I would suggest a few things while you were waiting.

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Some good advice mylildancer! You are fortuante Ophelia08 in that flexibility is something that can be worked on at home. You may also want to go to the local library or rent or buy a Pilates video/DVD to get some ideas. There is actually nothing that will "keep you in shape" except a ballet class so you may want to give yourself at least a barre. Make sure you have some room, grab onto a chair, a chest of drawers anything that seems the right height and begin slowly! Since you have been studying ballet 9 years already you should know the order of exercises that make for a logical progressive. Enjoy! :thumbsup:

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