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develope side in the center


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I have never had great balance in the center, but I'm hapy to say it has gotten much better this summer. However, I am still having an awful time with develope (sp?) to the side, especially in adage. Any suggestions?

Thank you,


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Be sure that you are lifted out of the supporting hip, and that your weight is distributed somewhere within the "control zone" on your foot which runs from the rear of your metatarsal arch to the front of the ball of the heel.

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Great advice from Major Johnson Giselle. Also try to understand how your arms may help you to maintain your balance and body placement. At first practice your develope enface, opening the arms to second position. If your arms are not well trained, the usage of your upper back and your body placement will be thrown off. Try a few times to focus on the shape of your arms from preparatory to 1st to 2nd. Also the coordination of how the leg and arms move together. You must lift your body taller and upward as the arms and legs move together. Also it may help you quite a bit to think of opening your finger forward, like a breath of fresh air, before you actually open them towards 2nd position. Check to see that you are feeling the opening from the pinky fingers, under the wrist, under the elbow, into the arm pit. The arms not only open outward from 1st to 2nd but a bit upward. The arms must remain light and reaching. Remember all dancers want to fall backward when opening the leg sideways. You must always remember to keep your upper back ontop of your ribcage as you carry your arms in any direction! I hope this will help you a bit! :)

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