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frustrated but trying to work hard...


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I am currently at a short summer intensive and working very diligently with an excellent teacher who is working with me a lot. The problem is, i have finally begun to understand and DO things the way they are asked of me at my year round studio, and the teacher this summer asks for things completely differently. i know that it is important for dancers to be versatile, but she is realigning the way i stand on my feet, which has destroyed my balance and is aggravating my ankles because im not used to it, and everything that i have been working so hard for in placement for extensions and arabesque is very different with this teacher. im not complaining, but i feel like im backtracking. everyone says my lines look so much better, but we dont have studios with mirrors (lack of resources) so i cant see what it looks like to figure out how to recreate the corrections, and after this i am moving and fear that i may not be able to remember what they feel like. also, with all these changes, it feels like im not dancing as well, and teh next time i dance will be at teh university of utah placement auditions. Im sorry this is a lot of stuff, but its just getting very frustrating. how can i deal with this, and if i dont feel comfortable with the new material when i go to the utah placement class, should i rely on what i did at my old studio or try to implement teh new information at that first class?

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You will have implemented part of what you have learned lately into your former way of working. When at an audition, go with what your strength is.

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Constanza, I felt that this topic was more suited to the YD board, as it is really not one that can be answered by young teens. It's a difficult situation, and I certainly understand your dilemma.


Try to find somewhere, even in the house, with a mirror that you can use to see what the differences are. It's very possible that they are positive and improve your placement and line, but there is no way for us to know without seeing you. You are going to have to rely on your own knowledge of your body, and what you can see in a mirror in terms of the look of the alignment, the weight placement, and the line of the working leg.


How much time between the end of this intensive and the audition? You must find somewhere to work in a studio, even if it is alone, in the time between, unless the audition is right away.


Have to run this morning, but may add some further thoughts to this later.

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Oops, i thought this was the other forum...

Thank you for your help, i have three weeks befor the audition after this, i am spending a week driving there and then two weeks settling in and hope to find a place to take classes, and i have found a dressing room with sufficient mirrors that i will try to use. its becoming a bit less of a struggle and i am trying to find ways to blend the two so that it works on my body. Again, thank you, and i will continue working.

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