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Double Pirouettes en pointe:)


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The first day I tried doubles en pointe, I could do them ok. But now i'm having trouble and I want to have them consistent. I can do singles fine, but I freak out when I go for the second turn. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas or corrections? Thanks:)

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This happens a lot to me too. Just keep practicing, and try to not take humongous amounts of force (it can throw you off). It might help to practice passes, and find your center of balance. You'll get them eventually! ;)

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mohnurka's good advice can help you PheonixTutu! Also remember where you place your body in the preparation will have a big impact upon the success of your turn. Quietly increase the depth of your demi plie, forward on the supporting leg (on the 1/2/and beat) before the releve to demi pointe. This must be the maximun depth of your demi plie. For a double turn, think see 3 times. By this I mean really see/focus before the turn, spot, see/focus, spot, see/focus, finish. If you "freak out" you are doomed to failure! Relax, enjoy! :offtopic:

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Yes, yes, yes, "seeing 3 times" is one of the keys!!! I just discovered that recently, and quickly "regained" my doubles... I'm practicing right now.. and desperately hoping for a triple! :offtopic::sweating:


Also, make sure that your ribs are pulled up -- if not, it'll throw you backwards.


If you are a little afraid of doubles, then practice singles, and add just a half turn for a 1.5 pirouette. Then, once you've mastered 1.5, move on to doubles. After all, 2 turns is just 1.5 + 1/2 a turn.


Good luck! :D

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