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My Best Friend & Pointe

Guest stumbleine_

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Guest stumbleine_

My best friend Brittni and I have just started ballet about a month ago. She is 13, I am 14. We're totally into it, and doing very very well. I am just a bit worried.


Brittni is EXTREMELY obsessed with getting to pointe. That is all she ever talks about! I figure, maybe (just MAYBE) in a few years I'll be good enough to start pointe. She does not want to wait. She even asked our teacher when she could go on pointe, and she said maybe next summer! I couldn't believe it! Though we are doing very well, we are very far away from pointe! So now she's bragging that she is going to be on pointe next summer. I am very worried that she may hurt herself.



What should I do? She honestly thinks that she knows everything about ballet, and almost never takes my advice. I don't want to squish her dream either!!



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Take a look up at the top of this group of forums - "Teens" In there, there's a sticky entitled "Facts of Life about Pointe". It's by Ms. Leigh, and it's the truth. Print it out, and show it to her. She won't like it, but there it is.

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