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There are many threads in this forum about those books!! If you scroll down to the bottom of the main page of "Ballet Books,Movies,Videos,Music,Ballets", you'll see at the bottom a listing of how many pages there are in this forum alone! You can then start reading page after page for wonderful ideas of ballet books. :P


Happy reading!

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One of my littlest students brought in this book:

The Usborne Little Ballet Treasury


I really liked it for ages 7-10ish. The drawings are good but more cartoonish, so may appeal to younger ones, but there are drawings of young male dancers, as well as teen male dancers (despite the lavender/pink background color), and the boys in that class perked up when I showed them the drawings. There are also pictures of Darcy Bussel, the lithograph of Taglioni, pictures of Fonteyn & Nureyev, along with stories of major classical ballets.


The first few pages went over some of the things that we were working on in class, so that was also good reinforcement!

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I would like to add some of the now rather old-fashioned series of ballet books, which I adored as a child and which I know are still available in paperbook. Noel Streatfeild is still my favourite. "Ballet Shoes" is the most well known, but I actually prefer "Wintle's Wonders", which is often called "Dancing Shoes". The books were mentioned in the film "You've Got Mail" so I presume that they are still very popular!!!


Finally there are the Sadlers Wells series of books by Lorna Hill. A Dream of Sadlers Wells (renamed Dress Rehearsal) is the first one. For those of a different generation Sadlers Wells was the Royal Ballet before it got its Royal Charter. These are difficult to get hold of.


I read both of these series when I was a girl, and passed them on to my DD when she was about 10-11 yrs old!

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Thanks for the recomendations, I read On Pointe, and it is now my favorite book in the world. I highly reccomend this book to dancers!

The Author? Copyright? For what age do you think this is appropriate?

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I wish I could promote my novel, but I'm still working on it. However, when it's picked up for publication (next year, cross fingers), I'll add it to the list.


It's tentatively called Dare to Dance, and includes not only a girl ballet student but a boy who studies dance, too.


And with the surging interest on TV and movies about dance, this might be the era for such books.


I know we're not to post ads or similar promos, but just wanted to let you know that there are writers who are creating new dance classics (wouldn't that be great!). Hope Miss Leigh will understand.

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