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Pointe help?

Guest balletbaby5678

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Guest balletbaby5678
Ok well i just started ballet two years ago and im already in ballet 3. ive done gymnastics so that kind of helped. :o I feel like i should go on pointe but my teacher doesnt believe im ready. :shrug: If anyone knows of any exercises that i could do so my ankles, releve, and everything else needed for pointe shoes strong enough for me to go on pointe. i would really want to go on pointe soon so if anyone could help me that would be really great. Thank-you in advance. :D:wacko::thumbsup:
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Hopefully with the permission of the Moderators... :wacko:


Welcome! You'll find a lot of useful information on BalletAlert!.


Your question belongs in the Pointe Forum. :o


This is one has been discussed many times, so you may wish to do a search (the button is located at the top of the page, to the right (after "help"). You may also find some answers in the "stickys" in the Pointe Forum.


Here are some things that were mentioned:


1. Don't rush your teacher. She'll let you know when you are ready.

2. Working hard in class is really one of the best ways to prepare.

3. Tendus and the like help.

4. Releves at home.

5. Pointing and flexing your foot witha theraband.

6. Picking up things with your toes.


Hope that helped!

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Actually, it's not about shoes, but about technique and readiness for pointe work, therefore it goes on YD :o


Hello, balletbaby5678, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :D


There is a topic you should read, and it's a "Sticky", at the top of the YD forum, called "Facts of Life About Pointe Work". This will help a bit.


The most important things about readiness for pointe work are: a) your own physical facility, which involves your alignment, placement, shape of legs and feet, strength and flexibility of your feet, and usage of rotation; b)your technical readiness, which means knowledge and strength of the technique of ballet; c) your teacher's acknowledgment that you are ready. All of these things take time. Ballet cannot be rushed. It's not an instant art form. No matter how talented or how much facility you have, it simply takes a certain amount of time to learn everything you have to learn and to have the core strength as well as the leg and foot strength, and this is assuming you have a foot that is acceptable for pointe work. Only your teacher can tell you that, as we can't see you. A lot also depends on how MUCH training you have had in that 3 years, and the quality of the training.


Doing all the things Mohnurka mentions above are helpful, but in the long run, it's time and good training and having a good body for ballet.


Mohnurka, your answer is mostly good, however the moderators would appreciate it if you would hold off on your posts until one of us has dealt with this kind of question, especially from a brand new poster. :wacko:

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Sorry, Ms. Leigh, I didn't mean to rush onto the scene. I'll wait next time. :o

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No problem, Mohnurka, and your answers are always thoughtful. :o But we just like to greet new posters, as well as to handle more technical questions first.

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