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Least and most "looked forward to" part of class

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Made me curious what is your least favorite part of class?


Mine is definatly the allegro stuff, glissades, jete, assembles etc etc. And of course the reason I dislike that portion the most is I can never quite get it right and I feel like Big Bird trying to do ballet, heh.


Favorite part would have to be longer more complicated patterns across the floor, balances with pique turns and turns in attitude or arabesque etc etc just keep adding moves, seems like the more moves I have to remember and the longer it takes me to figure it all out the better!

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Elise, cool topic :P


I love adagio (both barre and center), even though I'm not so good at it. And complicated fondus and ronds de jambe at the barre are a lot of fun... they're nice in the center, too, but at the barre it is much easier to concentrate fully on stretching the legs and the spine.


Least favorite part would probably be things like fast battements tendus jetés facing the barre. You know, muscle work with little lyricism or grace to spice it up :sweating:




- Sanna

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Just the opposite here. I hate adagio and just suffer through the tendus and pirouette combinations in the center. I can't wait to start jumping. Still look like a rhinocerous (or Big Bird) but it's still my favorite part.

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The more complicated combinations on center and across the floor

are the most difficult for me... I dislike them because they strain

both my mind and my body!


I love the beginning combinations at the barre, where I can more

easily remember what is coming next, and work on the details.


And I REALLY love the parts of class where the instructor says

"64 changements" and we do them in place! Everyone else seems

to like this part least, but I love it because I have absolute certainty

about what is coming next! :P


Finally, I'll point out (as if it wasn't obvious) that I am inherently lazy,

and I often learn the most from the parts of class that I most resist.

So "in theory" those uncomfortable sections should be my favorites. But...


[ Aside: In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice.

But not in practice. :sweating: ]

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I usually like best the parts of class that move, and where I get to actually "dance".


Moving, flowing adagios, and fast, ground-covering petit allegro are currently my favourites. At the barre I like battement tendus best, because that is when I usually start to feel my spine placing itself and turnout opening up.


The part of class I hate is pirouettes at the barre, no matter what combination they are inserted in. I have developed a fear of turning at the barre - I've bumped my knee into the barre twice, and gotten scratched accidentally by other people more than a few times. :P (Turns in the center, on the other hand, are fun. I'm not very good at them, but I like them all the same.)




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jumping and turning combinations across the floor when I figured out what I'm supposed to do



the same combination when I feel totally lost

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Guest mic31

My favourite part of the barre is Grand battements. I just like big moves...Actually I like all of the barre stuff


My favourite part of centre is jumps and turns, any of them


My least favourite is long flowing adages, I swear they are always made up to torture me to no end.

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My favourite parts of any class are tendus in the center and petite allegro. I don't know why, I just love doing those. I'm told I jump fairly well, so maybe that's why for the allegro anyway.


I like most everything else, though, too, so picking the least favourite is difficult... maybe it's battement fondu combinations at the barre... I always feel like a complete idiot doing those, and don't seem to get them nice and graceful no matter what.

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Guest beckster

I really love allegro and especially grande allegro. Even though I feel a bit of dread at going across the floor in case I mess up, I love big jumps and also the feeling when you manage to do a tricky allegro combination.


I dislike some types of adage - it is certain steps I don't like, rather than the whole section. I don't like ballonne (unsure of spelling), for example.

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I really really love the barre work. I like the precision and the flowing of some of the steps.


In the centre I love temps lie and the adage.


I really really hate pirouettes because i have yet to master the art of going round once!! I can do it but only if i prepare for them in a particular way that isn't part of the syllabus anymore! One day i will master singles and then doubles. My teacher says the only way to do them is go for it and not worry about it!!

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I'm the same as Kitty, Pirouettes are hard for me!


I have a hard time trying to balance! I think i'm just a bit scared! I can do a basic single pirouette, but it doesn't look very good!


I love all the other parts of Ballet we do in my class though!



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The worst part of class is reverance. My teacher usually has us do pique turns across the room (a very large room) at the end of class. Then she immediately goes into reverance, always beginning with a port de bras forward in fifth position. After all those turns when I try to do the port de bras I feel like I'm going to fall right over.


I used to hate petite allegro but now I like the challenge.


Usually the first few minutes of plies is tough because my muscles are stiff and my feet aren't warmed up yet. But thats why we have Advil!

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Guest LaurieM

Least favourite would be the floor exercises that require engaging muscles I've yet to even locate. :shrug:


Favourite part is essentially everything else.

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I'm usually fairly nervous during adagio, and it shows.


I've always really liked waltzy combinations with lots of big developpes and "tricky" pirouettes. People tell me that I look best in petit allegro, but I don't have as much fun as when I can really do big movements.

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