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Guest Tu-Tu Twain

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Guest Tu-Tu Twain

I keep my back straight and my shoulders back and chin up but there is just "something" that I don't seem to be doing right. I notice it when I watch a ballet or certain girls in class but I don't know exactly what "it" is. Any ideas? I hope I am explaining it clearly. :( Thanks!

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Whoa, whoa. This is not the position of attention. Shoulders have to be open, but not back. They should line up vertically with the hipjoint. In putting your shoulders back, you force the chest out, and that's liable to throw you off in ballet. It's great for marching in parades, though.

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Tutu, it sounds like you need to talk to your teacher about your lack of understanding about alignment and weight placement. Have you been taught about the use of the abdominal muscles, the back muscles, the shoulders over the ribs over the hips, and the weight of the body forward more towards the ###### of the feet? Actually pulling your shoulders "back" can very easily throw the ribs out and create "wings" in your back with your shoulder blades sticking out. You need to know where they belong, and not think in terms of back.


These things should be the very first things that you learn. If this is not being taught, then I would seriously search for another school. If it is taught but you just have not quite understood it yet, then your teacher is the one who must help you with this. It needs someone who KNOWS to see you and even to move you into the right position sometimes.

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Guest Tu-Tu Twain

I might have overstated when I said "back". I did mean open and I guess I am not articulating correctlly what I mean. I am just not creating as pretty of a line as some of the ballerinas I have watched. And I realize it is hard for you to correct without seeing me. I am just trying to tweak somethings before class starts back in a couple of weeks. Thanks!

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