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knee position


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I'm not sure if this question is answerable via this forum (as you obviously can't see me), but...


When doing a plie of any kind your knee is supposed to be in line with your hip and your toes, right? When I make sure that I'm not rolling my foot, and try to make my knee go exactly side to to the above-mentioned position, my kneecap still seems to be "looking" to the corner (whew! long sentence :P). Is that ok?

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The big question here is one of direction of travel. You can be jarreté and have the circumstance that you describe. Is the knee traveling along a line parallel to, but higher up than, the direction of the toes? If it's in front or in back of the line of the toes, then that's a problem.

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Your explanation makes sense B) My "knee" line is parallel to my toe line, but the kneecap itself is looking to the corner..?


I've read how to tell whether one is arqué or jarreté, but I'm not sure which one I am. It's sometimes hard to decide these things :sweating::wink:. When standing in 6th position, my knees don't really meet (there's a space between them), but if I were to use my turnout, then in the same 6th position, my knees could touch.

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One does not necessarily have to be either argue or jarrette. It's quite possible to be inbetween, which would be straight legs! :wink:


Now, how much rotation you have may be the question here. If your knee caps are facing the corner, instead of the sides, or almost the sides, of the room, and they are in line with your toes, then there is not a lot of turnout there. B)

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Eek! I'm confusing myself and others who happen to read my posts... Sorry! :wink::green:


I meant that when my general knee line is parallel to my toe line, the kneecap is looking at the corner. The toes would be behind the kneecap line. (but the knee itself isn't in front of the foot).


As for turnout -- I don't think I have the very best turnout, but I do know that I'm not turned in B). I can stand in a perfect 5th, and am very close to being in the saddle, middle splits, etc. (the frog is down)


Should I just ask my teacher? That would probably be the best idea. :sweating:

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Yes, indeed, that is the way to get the most immediate and complete information! B)

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Mohnurka, how are you differentiating between the knee cap and the line of the knee? I mean, the kneecap IS the center of the knee, and that is what should track over the toes. The toes should not be BEHIND the kneecap.

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