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Guest aleemor

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Guest aleemor

Dear all,


I already posted a brief introduction on the general forum. I saw this forum and thought you may be better prepared to respond to my queries. My name is Lee. I am 27 years old. I am at a point in life where I am ready to start ballet again.


I started ballet when I was 3. As a child in a military family, I experienced four different schools before the age of 11. I never danced Pointe. My first classes were at Kittredge Pre School, when an instructor would visit afternoons. I then danced with Cheryl Brett in Hinesville, Georgia from age 5-7. I was first in her class. I then danced with Patrick and Barry of Dance Works in Stone Mountain, Georgia from about age 8-9. My chief instructor was Patrick. I worked very hard for 2 years until I moved to Slidell, Louisiana. I worked with an older woman from 10-11, who taught ballet from her home to a small group of girls. After a year of dancing with her, some girls achieved Pointe, but I was not one of them. Feeling very disappointed, I quit ballet. I eventually moved back to Stone Mountain at age 12. I started jazz classes at this time because I wanted to dance, but felt disappointed by my lack of progress in ballet.


Between ages 13 and 16 I ran cross-country, played soccer for school and recreationally, and was a basketball cheerleader. I was diagnosed with Patella-Femural Syndrome (PFS) at age 14, which means I have deteriorated cartilage in my knees. My doctor recommended that I strengthen my quads as well as surgery should I continue to participate in sports.


Two years after my diagnosis with PFS, I took a summer ballet course at Dance Works in Stone Mountain. I was the oldest girl in the class and it felt awkward. I also felt that I had lost my knack with ballet (not to mention flexibility!). What I mean by my knack was my ability to recognize moves by their names and put them in time to music with minimal effort. At 18, the names of moves sounded Greek to me, and I thought I would not make it back to the barre.


After ten years of mild to no physical activity (unless you count dancing in night clubs, ha!) I started doing resistance training and regular cardio workouts at a gym at age 25. I have trimmed up a little, but am anxious to apply my efforts outside of the gym. Ballet is how I want to apply myself.


I have discovered adult ballet classes in the Atlanta metro area at the Rotaru International School of Ballet. They are 13 dollars a session, but cost less if you buy 5-10 sessions at one time. Is this expensive for adult classes? Each class counts as a session. The Beg/Int ballet class for adults happens once weekly. All classes are taught in the Russian Vaganova technique.


I would like to prepare for my first class the best way possible. I am currently looking for gym routines made exclusively for ballet dancers but have only found the NYCB workout. Are there others? Is this the best one for returning dancers? Do you recommend a standardized nutrition for beginners? A lady at the gym suggested Body for Life, but I have not yet looked at it.


Thank you for your kind attention.



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Hello Lee, and welcome to the Adult Ballet students areas on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :shrug:


I'm sure you will get lots of encouragement here! We have many adult members who went back to ballet after many years, and also many who just started as adults.


We don't have any "official" recommendations in terms of programs or nutritional information to get ready. I think we are more likely to say 'just get in there and go for it!' The longer you spend "getting ready", the later you actually start. Just do it! There is no particular diet for dancers except to eat nutritionally balanced diets and remain healthy. It's basically common sense. Personally, I think that most people tend to overeat, and dancers learn that that is just not necessary. You feel better and have more energy if you eat sensibly, but only as much as you really need, and not the amount of food that many eat, especially in this country.


Ballet exercises are the best, but if you want to add other things to help, we usually suggest Pilates. It is geared for dancers, and can help lots of things, like abdominal strength, stretch and flexibility, and overall body usage.

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I think NYCB workout and Pilates would be good to prepare for ballet lessons. And maybe do some stretching.


Regarding cost, $13 is about average I'd say. The classes I've found if enrolled or using a card are $10-$15 depending on the school and length. The drop-ins are usually $12-$17. So, $13 is not bad.

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Hello Lee


I am so pleased that you have found us :shrug: and really happy that you have started back with ballet lessons again. Just getting back into class is sometimes such a major hurdle. Yes $13 for a single class is about right. How long are the classes. I would expect to pay $13 for an hour and a half class, and yes it is a lot cheaper when you buy class cards, and plus by buying a card it motivates you to go to that many classes. I too did an awful lot of running throughout my teenage years and still now, and a couple of years back which caused a problem with my knee, which basically meant I had to go back to basic ballet classes and relearn everything that I had been taught for the previous 20 years. That was hard.

I second Ms Leigh on taking up pilates, those will be the most beneficial classes for you and the results you achieve are quite amazing. plus, once you have had a good ten or so lessons, you can get books to supplement your exercises at home.


I also recommend The Joffrey Ballet School's Ballet-Fit. it's a great book with loads of great info and tips for adults.


Hope this helps somewhat.

Keep dancing.


Jeanette x

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Guest sodancaMiss


I am at the same stage you are. I am 23 and I took ballet when I was a child but now that I am 23 I am starting back up. I would really like to help you. Please let me know how I can help you. I take ballet, jazz/hip hop, and lyrical. I know of alot of great studios. I actually live here in Georgia so I would really like to help you. Please let me know by either e-mailing me at Jeeyounoh@hotmail.com or by phone at (678) 508-9037. You can also check my studio out at www.phwd.org. This is a great studio with dance classes for all ages. I even take one class with I think she's about 6. I would like to help.



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