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My mom has an extra vertebrae (sp?) in her spine so it looks like she is slouching a little even when she is sitting or standing up straight. I think that my back is like that too, because it is a little curved at the top, like my mom's. This is extremely emphasized when I port de bra front (I look like a cat when it arches it's back!), or do a develope or grand battment to the front. I tried arching my back, the other way, a little so it would look straight , but my teacher said that I was popping out my ribs. I am also sore in my lower back and was wondering whether the soreness was related to the curved back. Does anyone have any tips on keeping your back straight, and posture right?

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There are really several questions here, Mollie. As far as the extra vertebra or the back problem, I would suggest finding that out from a physician.


In terms of posture and alignment, that needs to be done by your teacher, who can see you. The soreness in the lower back is more likely related to something you doing incorrectly in terms of either alignment or certain movements. Most likely alignment.

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