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I thought I just wanted to share my nice experience today!

Being an adult beginner means you never see those "aspiring dancers" or those "really good dancers" which made my experience my bigger today as I went and watched a professional class! These were the pros in "our" Royal Swedish Ballet company. I think they are officially on holiday still, but wanted to get in shape for the season taking some classes outside the company. Anyway, they were great! Not all of the dancers were there, but there were at least 4 corps dancers and 3 soloists from the company (I think there are in total 80 dancers in the company).


It was also nice to see that dancers are human and they too can "wobble" a little in class :wink: The barre wasn't that special, but the center! Wow! Especially when one of the young and very talented soloists started to dance! It was such a delightful experience to watch her dance! It really looked like she was "floating". She could even miss a combination delightfully! I wish I could do that :dry:

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