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50/50 chance,,, what do I do?


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I posted at dance.net too but i want to get many advise as possible.




Im going to Japan to renew my student VISA this august. SInce my old one runs out this year. it is five year thing. But I dont know if I can get my visa. If I cant get my visa, I cant come back to US! and I cant go to UBA even thought they gave me a year of CHANCE! Its hard to get visa this year since terrorist and stuff. also they are targetting highschool students and embassader officer dont give visa easily. japan dont want highschool people to leave japan and stay in america or something so i had to write an essay about how im going back to Japan after i get highschool deploma and ill go to japanese college. they feel like a lot of highschool students are leaving japan and going to america and they are gonna stay for whole life. i guess they dont want to lose people from japan or somethingi donno. i heard its all about embassader's mood on that day. hes the one who decides if i get to go back to US, UBA! ahhh

If i cant come back i was thinking of France schools like ROSELLA HIGHTOWER but i heard its all about money and ive never been there and i don tknow if its good or not.

i was thinking of MONACO PRINCESS GRACE BALLET ACADEMY but i think u have to audition to go there and there is NO POSSIBLE TIME since im going to JAPAN in August after kaatsbaan for 3 weeks so like on 24th or something.

I wouldnt get into royal, i mean i dont have time to audition! wat should i do?????

is there any ballet school possible?

I need to think of any ways possible if the worst happens.

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Hinagoko, I really don't think that we have the ability here to advise you. We cannot see you, and we don't know a lot about visas and the Japanese situation about coming to the US. However, before you panic, I would like to remind you that there are a LOT of very fine Japanese dancers doing extremely well in International ballet companies and also in International competitions. Therefore, they must be doing something right over there. If there is good training at home, why is it so important for you to be here?

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Look at the opportunities that are coming up. You're going to Kaatsbaan! Through the teachers there, you may be able to get advice and opportunities to network to some places you haven't even thought of yet.

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well I left Japan because I didnt like the School there. It's like being in a jail. They want everyone to be the same. THere is a lot of ditiching each other too. like student hiding eachother stuff or abusing physically, etc. I dont want that to happen again. Thats why I left there. I was not asking for advice about VISA. I was asking advice about OTHER SCHOOLS out side of US. Ballet boarding school.

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I know what you mean about schools in Japan. I was stuck between admiration for the strong academic work they did, but at the same time somewhat horrified at the amount of work they had to do every day. I was stationed there for awhile.


But that's what I meant about Kaatsbaan. Ballet is a small world, really, and the teachers at that course have contacts not limited to the United States. They may be able to give you a couple of tips on worldwide schools, or even put in a good word for you. Just ask.

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Perhaps this information may be coming in a bit late however there is the Japan Grand Prix being held in Sapporo, Japan August 6-August 10 where the prizes are scholarships to many European and American residential ballet programs. Some of the European schools offering scholarships are Princess Grace, as well as Royal Ballet and Stuttgart. In the US Harid, Boston, Colorado and SFB. In Canada, national Ballet School. I am not sure, but maybe also Australian Ballet. I can update this information upon my return from Sapporo on August 12 for next year's competition.


Do not give up hope on your American visa. At Harid, we do not seem to be having this problem for our Japanese students.

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