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Body changes

Guest ballet princess

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Guest ballet princess

I know discussions about height and weight are not allowed but I need to know something and I don't know where to ask, so I hope this is okay.


I'm 15 years old and well, the hormones seem to have suddenly kicked in. I am not overweight, but I've gained a few pounds over the past few months so I am not as thin as I was. I'm still small chested, but my "rear-end" seems to have gotten bigger. And my legs have more shape. I feel silly saying that, but what I want to know is if its possible to "slim down" again as I get older. I don't have problems with what I eat and such, my body just naturally changed. But I'm hoping it will naturally change back to the more slender look.


I hope this post makes some sense at least. :shrug:

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These kinds of changes are not unusual, ballet princess. And yes, the body can have further changes as you continue to grow. It's not automatic, and not everyone changes as a young teen or later, but most do seem to have the "normal" changes from a child-like body to a more mature body.

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Guest ballet princess

Thanks Ms. Leigh!

It's almost frustrating to me because overall, I had the "ballet body." And now it seems to have disapeared! :shrug: Well, I will just have to deal with it I suppose. I mean, there is nothing much I can do!

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