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"ideal" ballerina shape

Guest xox DaNciNg in PiNk xox

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Guest xox DaNciNg in PiNk xox

i hope this question is okay to ask in here but i have heard that a girl that is more on the "flat chested" end of things is better and more desireable as the overall body shape of a ballerina. Is this rumor/assumption(i dont know how to refer to it) correct? Oh and is it more desirable or better to be shorter? or is it not really as much of a looked at factor?

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Michelle, every company has a mixture of different body types and sizes. Some are tall, some short, and lots in between. Some are flat chested and some are not. There are not a lot of dancers with a large chest, however, they are certainly not all flat either.

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Guest xox DaNciNg in PiNk xox

okay thanks. I was just curious because i had heard that if you have a large chest it will be harder for you to become a dancer. I was also worried bacause i am tall and i thought that might make a difference. Guess i was wrong. thanks for clearing that up B)

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