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Because of financial reasons, I have never been able to train at other dance schools for summer intensives. I have been accepted at several excellent schools, including Washington School of Ballet and CPYB, but never receive scholarships and can never seem to find enough money to make it happen. When auditioning for a company, does it look better if you have been able to train at various summer intensives? The school that I go to year-round (mostly paid for w/ financial aid) is very good, but doesn't offer things such as pas de deux and variations, and I am worried that because I am missing out on these aspects of ballet I will not be able to dance professionally or get into a strong college program. Any comments or suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello Dancer06, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers :thumbsup:


When you audition for companies I don't think they care where you danced in the summers. They are looking at how you dance now. Probably the same with college programs. The important thing is how you do at the auditions! :thumbsup:

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Not if you are good enough :thumbsup: They look at the dancer, not the resume, especially if you have not danced professionally before.

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