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i have been hearing great things about the goh ballet school and was wondering if they had a residency program? also is the training as good as i have been hearing it is?

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Hi qtpiedanzer01:


Yes, the training at the Goh Ballet Academy is excellent, with past-students dancing at NBoC, SFB, ABT, and WB; unfortunately, it is not a residency program. However, year-round they do have a homestay program in place (like CPYB). A prospective student would be placed with a local family, to live with them while attending the school. Go to their website Goh Ballet Academy to find out more specific information. If you are really interested in the program, it would probably be wise to attend the summer program next year, in order to get a feel for the program and the homestay portion of it. Good luck with your decision :wink: .




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Earlier Mel Johnson erred by stating that the Goh Ballet founders are Singaporian. They are in fact from China.


He must have mistaken Choo Chiat and Lin Yee Goh (and their daughter, now director Chan Hon Goh) (China -> Canada) with Soonee and Choo San Goh, affiliated to Singapore Ballet Academy!

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Actually, while Lin Yee Goh is from China, Beijing to be exact, Chan Hon Goh states in her autobiography that her father, Choo Chiat Goh, is from Singapore.

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Now that we have that all straightened out. (Is this really significant?) :)


Now back to the topic at hand: The Goh Ballet Academy. :thumbsup:

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