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Classes in Chapel Hill, NC

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Anybody know of any classes in Chapel Hill that will be meeting during the second half of August that accept drop-ins? Would prefer ballet or modern classes rather than jazz.


Or does anybody know the names of a good studio I could contact?


Thank you!

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Don't know if they're open in August, but Bounds Dance Studio (sounds like a Dolly Dinkle, but bounds is the last name of the owner) offers adult classes. I took a class there during a business trip a couple of years ago. It was a pretty good class as I recall.


I'm sure there are other studios, but at the time that was the only one that offered classes when I was free. there are also really good studios in Raleigh which is not too far away

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Dancing daughter dances at the Triangle Youth Ballet in "Gateway Commons" off Franklin Street behins the Staples. 919-932-2676.

They have drop-ins, and are always happy to newbies! :wink:



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I dance at bounds and can recommend their ballet program.


Through Aug 27th, they are offering an intensive class that meets from 5:30 - 7:30, M - F, for intermediate to advanced dancers - mixed ages.


They also offer an adult beginner/low intermediate class 7:30 - 9:00 in the evening and in the morning 10 - 11:30, both T, H. Also, the same level is offered 4 - 5:30 Sat.


The week before labor day, the studio is closed, and then the regular fall schedule starts. (www.boundsdance.com/fall_classes.htm)

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Thank you all very much! My son is transferring to UNC Chapel Hill and we will be driving from Massachusetts to arrive by Aug 17. I will only stay a day or two then fly home. It sounds as though the Bounds schedule will be perfect.


Thanks again,


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