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bouncing in petit allegro

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When ever I do a fast petit allegro, there doesnt seem to be enough time to get my heels down, so I end up doing the whole combination bouncing on a low releve. I know this is really bad, and recently I have been getting tendonitis, but there just isn't time to put the heels down. If I try I get behind in the music. I also have a very deep plie, so I never get the stretch feeling. How can I fix this? Am I doing serious damage?

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The moderators should definitely answer this first.


Just a bit of personal experience - my teachers always mention that not putting your heels down puts you at risk for shin splints...

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Shin splints, achilles tendon problems, knee problems, etc. Fifth position demi plié is not taught with the heels off the floor. Jumps land in 5th position, even if one foot immediately leaves and goes somewhere else. Then landing leg is still in it's half of the 5th position....supposedly. There is almost always time to put them down, just not to use a big demi plié. When the jumps are very quick the plié needs to be quick and smaller. That's where really good flexibility of the feet comes in, as well as strength. It's important. Put them down! :(

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