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Tight hips


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Ever since I started my intensive, my hips have been getting incresingly tight. When I just rotate them slightly, I can really feel them. I wouldn't say that it's painful, but just uncomfortable and tight. Does anyone have any good stretches or exercises to help open up and loosen up my hips?

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I would suggest some gentle floor stretching before class, and also a few things facing the barre, such as pliés in second position, little circles en dehors with the foot flexed in a dégagé front and side, and some gentle in/out moves from a side dégagé where you turn the leg in, bend it and pull it over towards the opposite side, and then turn it out and open it back to second, pushing out with the instep.


Be sure that you are not gripping anything in classes, as this causes tightness. Also be sure that you are not forcing your rotation beyond it's ability at the moment. Even though one must work for better rotation, there is a limit and if you push too far or too much you just make the hips worse instead of better.

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Guest imadancer

We had two guest teachers come and do an intensive with us. During a pilates class the guest teacher said to lay on the floor and have 1 leg turned in on the floor while doing a sort-of grand rande-jam with the other leg

*I know this sounds really strange but it helps loosen up your hips alot*

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I think it would be best to do some barre work, or a lot of other floor stretches before doing the rond de jambe stretches. And do them slowly and carefully at first.

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Guest Ennovy

When I do just simple Tendus or similar steps, my left hip sort of cracks :thumbsup: . It doesn't really make a loud sound, but I could feel somthing rubbing against my pelvis. It hurts a bit, but it doesn't really affect me dancing.

Is it a problem of the rotation, too? My right hip is perfectly normal(even the turn out is better than my left).


I tried doing a lot of exercises, and it does loosen up, but the crack sound never goes away. :yucky:

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Not sure, but whenever there is pain it is usually best to see a doctor. Lots of people have popping hips and other joints, with no pain, so it's not a problem. But, pain means something is wrong.

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