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comment at an audition about my picture


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I auditioned for The Harid Conservatory's summer intensive this past winter. When I went up to the person running the audition to turn in my form, payment, picture, etc., she looked at me, looked at my picture, and said, "This is not a very flattering picture of you. Next time, I would take more pictures to get a better one." I smiled and nodded and decided to take this as constructive criticism, I danced my best at the audition, but was not accepted to the SI. Could this comment I received have been a rejection to the program before class even started? And is it possible that I did not receive much attention during the audition class because of my "unflattering" picture? :)

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I seriously doubt that that was the reason you were not accepted. I have accepted lots of people into our program who did not have good pictures, although a really good one is certainly a positive thing to have, and could help. If there is a lapse in memory, or a doubt about a student, I will go back and look at the photo, and if it shows really good line, then it will be favorable for her, whereas, if it is not at all a good photo then it could work against her.

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Guest Dancr6788

sometimes people say things that come across rude, but they dont mean them that way. i think the lady was probably just warning you that for future audtions try taking more shots to see which picture really shows your good qualities. i dont think the picture and not being accepted were connnected at all. a picture is just a peice of paper.. but you are alive and moving and DANCING.. only the best thing in the world :D

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Guest imadancer

I don't think the picture had much to do with it - I got into an SI with an ABSOLUTELY HORRIBBLE picture- However that comment would sure have brought my confidence down

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