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So, more about those tights...


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Ok so now I that I have actually confirmed a place for me in a studio I actually have to find tights. Never havingbeen tights shopping I am a little lost. I dont want to go into a dance store that only carries one brand and end up with something that doesnt fit me right. So what I cant figure out is how different can tights be?


The lady at the studio reccomended un footed black tights. Is this as simple as it sounds? I dont have a material preference, but I have been told some tights look nicer than others, but some last longer etc etc...


I just want something that will fit me and not bunch or look nasty, and that will cover the majority f my long legs. I am 6'3'' and wear a 34 inseam or longer.


I want something that is thick enough that there is no way it will be see through or anything like that... Whatever I am rambling now. I cant search on this site so if there is a thread that answers this forgive me and just point me in that direction.




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Capezio men's tights are the most widespread as far as availability, but M. Stevens men's tights are much better quality. Don't let anybody fob off women's tights as "unisex". It ain't so.

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yeah so basically it means try some o the store... haha

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haha Its nice to know I am capable of giving good advice... to myself. In any case I will be going home to atlanta at some point this next week where there are actually god dance stores. If anyone is from around there I would love to know where to go for a decent selection of mens tights.



Thanks a lot.

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"I would love to know where to go for a decent selection of mens tights."

So would we all!

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Knock, Knock!!


I'm not a dancing man but my 5'10 inch 136 pound son is!!

I get him the Natalie Capri pants or sometimes Ankle pants from Discount Dance Supply (among others online). He wears the Large size which he says, are perfect for him. The reason he likes them is because of how opaque and long-lasting they are. I believe that their technical term is 'leggings'. You might try a company like Danskin that makes plus-size dancewear if the lg. Natalies are too small.

Hope that helps!

Clara :)


Natalie's leggings, available in both capri and ankle lengths.

Capri Pant & Ankle Pant

2102-Ankle Pant

2101-Capri Pant




(adult) S,M,L

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cool site dude

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