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Dance Store: New venture for Mom


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So, this new venture begins with Mom being let go from a job of 13 years and potentialy a 28 year career if I jump into this with both feet. My boss sold his practice and I was replaced by another (younger) hygienist. I won't go into the nasty details of it but lets say for now it was a shock. My DD was at her SI when my elderly Father slipped and told her over the phone what happened. Once she was reasured that I was ok and we would all be ok, we began to look at this as a new beginning.


You can tell me I'm crazy (and a friend did) but I am going to try my hand at opening a dance store. My Husband feels we can do this and has been researching small businesses for the past 5 years and we have a meeting with the SBA to work out the business plan. My location is set, I have to figure out the financial end of things and then get merchandise inplace to open asap.


What I am asking for now is help with a name for the store and to ask if any of you have done the same thing and opened a store. Am I crazy? I have already gone through the panic of losing my income and now going more into debt than ever but, someone please give me some encouragement!!! I will at sometime need to hear the horror stories but could you hold off on them for just a little while?



ps I am even a little nervous posting this but everyone is so supportive that I thought I'd jump in.

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Go for it! I have my own consulting practice and worry every day where my next client is coming from. But the work is so interesting and the challenges so exciting that it kind of balances things out.


I'm terrible at naming things - sorry and good luck.

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Guest cozette

Good for you JRB!! I can't think of anything more fun!!! I am sure it was very upsetting to loose your job after such a long time, but I firmly believe when one door closes, another door opens. I wish I could think of some catchy names. Maybe the Ballet Boutique. I'm sure you will get some great suggestions here. I wish you the best of luck!



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Hi JRB, no, you're not crazy - you're courageous :D We never know unless we try, right? Losing a job is both a disaster and an opportunity - looks like you're taking advantage of the opportunity side of it.


I can't help with a name but just want to give support. My husband lost his primary job a year ago. Since then, I stepped up my private business, turning it into full-time, added another previously occasional one, husband and I expanded our Irish dance school, and my husband went back to school himself. He'll finally start receiving income from that in a couple weeks. It's been scary every step of the way but it's broadened both of our lives too because it's forced us out into new territory. I'm grateful for that.


I'm sure the same will happen to you. Just think of all these new and creative people you're going to get to know!

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JRB, good --no --- GREAT for you! As one who lost major job a few years ago I feel for you but am so excited for you too! My area of expertise is marketing and PR and I would love to brainstorm names and other ideas for you, so PM me. I can't think of names or other marketing ideas off the top of my head when I know nothing of your area or the potential competition, etc. Would love to help...



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It's scary, but also exciting and very rewarding! Good for you! Go for it :D


How about "To The Pointe" :P

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Best of luck to you! The mother of one of my dd friend's from her previous school quit her job of many years, and opened up a dance store near by. At the same time she was began (successfully) battling ca. The ballet world is relatively small- so of course most dance stores are "forced" to stock tap, jazz, liturgical dance- and even skating and cheerleading attire. Altho the prices are a little bit higher than buying on line- my allegiance is there- and it is rewarded with great service.

So- I don't know if you want a "ballet" name for the store- or a more general dance name.

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How about:


"Dancer's Rule!"

"The Dancer's Place"

"The Red Shoes"

"Dance 24/7" (I seem to be thinking of stuff that I hear from the teens around here! :wink:)

"Pointe to Pointe"

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Then there's "Emboité" - lots of dance stuff comes in boxes, and a "boite" is a French expression that means "box", but is also used for "shop".

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I can't express enough how valuable it is to have knowledgable staff. We drive past a fully stocked dance store that is 15 minutes from home to drive an hour away for a trained staff.


However, the store close to home probably makes more money because they are so well stocked in merchandise for other activities such as fitnesswear, cheerleading, gymnastics, skating, etc... and ballet and other dance forms. This store also carries a full line of Pointe shoes, they just don't have anyone on staff that knows a thing about them.


Thus.... we drive.

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Congratulations! I think it's a great idea. The first name that popped into my head was somewhat like Ms. Leigh's - Get to the Pointe. We also have a store in Philadelphia called The Rosin Box, which I think is cute. Good luck and have fun!

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Go for it JRB! I'll be glad to help with info I can through PM or email since I manage our store here. But you will not regret it. I love my job!



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It sounds like you have done your homework, which is the most important thing, imo! My husband and I owned a small retail store for about four years--I'll spare you the details of why it closed, but we found location to be very important, as well as being customer oriented. (This is where it is so important to hire the right people and to provide the right training.) :wink:


Dance store names in our area include (just to help you brainstorm):

The Turning Pointe

Gotta Dance

Movements Dancewear

Pas de Chat

The Dance Department


I agree with momfo3darlings: Go for it!!! Good luck!

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