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arrgh, my pointe technique IS wrong


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For the past year that I've been on pointe (my first year), I've suspected some mistakes in pointe technique (sitting, etc). Wasn't really sure about it. I tried to blame it on the shoes, shank, foot type, etc (not too smart :wink:) and finally figured out that yes, I am sitting in my pointe shoes. It may not be the 'worst' possible sitting -- I am over, and manage things pretty well, but it certainly doesn't make the foot look better. Anyway, I think I figured out the proper feeling for correct en pointe. Am I right that when you are on pointe, the top of your foot (instep?) should be 'working' and pushing outwards, away from the shank?


Sorry this is so run-on, and may seem trivial, but I guess understanding is step 1 to fixing it. Well, I have a year ahead of hard work. :D

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Yes, in addition to your being on the end of the toe, the instep and arch have to be working and actually "lifting" out of the shoe straight up, but also lifting opposite to the position of the shank as you describe.

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