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Parental views: residencies or moving w/dancer

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I wish you and your daughter the best of luck on this journey. The path for each and every one of our children is different and there is no right one - just the best one for each person and family.

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Thank you, Tendumom. Because DD has only had three years of serious and correct training, her priority is to get as much top quality training as possible for as long as she can. She plans to either be an exchange student to or audition for NBS again for the summer so maybe our DDs will see each other again. :)

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Mylildancer and Lillianna, many thanks to you for your wonderful follow-ups! It seems like you both have done everything possible to get your DD’s the best training and it has paid off! I admire you and the sacrifice you have made, and wish your daughters continued success! :angry:


My own situation is such that although my daughter has talent and passion for ballet, she is equally passionate about her family, home, pets, and friends. Because of this, we may be at the "fork in the road" on whether she will want to continue to pursue ballet as a career. In the meantime, as her mom, I have to prepare myself for anything and gather knowledge to help her make wise decisions.


I am able to move with her for better training (which she most certainly will need in the near future), but she wants to stay on the west coast and will not consider a residency at this time. We are looking into both PNB and SFB as an option. (She has been accepted in the past to both summer programs.) Both of these schools do not offer housing for kids of her age so we are thinking that after this year as a freshman in high school, we might relocate a year from now if she still wants to go for it.


Would you recommend setting up separate auditions for year round at these schools, or is it better to be asked to be evaluated for year round (with a parent being willing to move with them) at the summer intensive auditions or programs?



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Knock Knock parent of almost 13 yo

Well it's been just a little over a year since we moved for dd's training and we are diffinately at home now. I wouldn't have moved if it wasn't the whole family moving. Staying together as a family is a higher priority for us especially considering dd's age. DD has many years of training ahead of her. The decision came about because the drive to dd's previous school was taking it's toll on the whole family. Life at home was falling apart because mom was never home. The move provided better opportunities for the whole family. The kids got into a better school system. Mom didn't need to homeschool kids or drive to ballet. Grandma got her own apartment because we bought a house with room for an in-law apartment. The only stumbling block turned out to be a job for dad. We thought sure he'd get a job right away but in fact it took a year with dad working at his old job out of state, staying with friends and coming "home" on weekends. Well dad finaly got a job here and it was the one he wanted most and he's making more than at the previous job. So with dad home we're finally home. If it hadn't been good for the whole family I wouldn't have suggested it. I would have kept looking for the best solution though even if it meant a different school.

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