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Guest Terriergirl

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Guest Terriergirl

I took my second Pilates class today and am thinking about purchasing an inexpensive reformer but was interested in a tape with a ballet exercise focus. After combing through ALL past posts regarding Pilates and have not found recommendations for good DVD/videos.


Any suggestions?

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Guest Terriergirl

Well, it would appear that there's not one that's a favorite. If this is the case, can anyone suggest any special exercises (on a reformer) to build strength for pointe, turnout and extensions?


Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Nothing, I repeat nothing, will develop the physical characteristics used in ballet as well as the traditional ballet class.


Having said that, Pilates is a very nice exercise form. It does develop muscles that dancers use. My advice to any dancer who does a Pilates program to take it for what it is—an adjunct to class that is pleasurable on its own and contributes to overall fitness. What that translates to is doing an all around Pilates workout that doesn’t concentrate on any one set of exercises, but aims for a “whole body” workout that varies from session to session.


The reformer is a nice piece of equipment and I don’t you can go wrong doing any of the reformer exercises.

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