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Open Classes in Auckland


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I'm soon going to be living in Auckland for several months, and I was wondering is anyone knew of ballet classes in the city?


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Guest 2bORnot2b

Hi there!


well i dont live in Auckland but i can try my best to help


I dont really know where the places are in New Zeland


but International Ballet Academy is in Christchurch,New Zeland


and the New Zeland School of Dance is in New Zeland-i think in Wellington or Auckland?


SOrry cant be of more help but i will try to find out for you

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The following information was sent to me by abc4dance:


There is a post on the young dancers forum from someone moving to auckland, nz. One person replied with a few schools - one of which is on the south island and will require a plane flight and the NZ Ballet school is in Wellington a good 2 day car ride away. A good place for her to contact would be the Creative and Performing Arts Department at the University of Auckland (they have a dance dept) 64 9 3737 7599 ext 83719 or scapa@auckland.ac.nz. The other place to look is the Auckland City Ballet Centre www.acbc.co.nz. One of the bigger national listings for all dance in New Zealand is www.danz.org.nz.


It would be appreciated if you could forward this information.


Thank you



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