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one of my teachers said this would really help loosen me up, better my extension, and release tight muscle like my achiles. so have any of you ever taken yoga and would you recommend it? right i would be taking several days of the week if i do it but during the school year i would only be able to do it 1 a week. i am wondering if it really helps.

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My teacher keeps on telling me to take yoga too, but it seems a little bit wierd for me! That is why I take pilates... they are very similar, except pilates doesn't have all that meditation and stuff, and pilates also strengthens your muscles more, and you can stretch. :D I have only taken a few yoga classes, and that was because I was at an SI, but it is really strange! My teacher's friend was once at a cd store where they were recording music and he stood on his head in the corner because he was stressed out, to meditate! (or something like that) :) Just goes to show what yoga can do to you! No, I'm jsut kidding, but I think that pilates would be better for a dancer than yoga would be. :shrug:

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I agree totally. I am not a fan of yoga, and do not feel that it can do the same things for the dancer that Pilates can do. Yoga is more of a "mental" program, where Pilates is physical and geared to work on very specific areas of the body.

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Guest xox DaNciNg in PiNk xox

does anybody have any suggestions of say tapes for pilates and such taht i can use on a regular basis? i don't know of anywhere that teaches pilates(we do it a few times per season at my studio) in my area.i really need to work on my extensions and balance on one foot to especially help with my turns en pointe. Oh and is the fact taht i cannot naturally get my knees to touch in first position because when they are completely touching they hurt have something to do with extension as well? its getting better but is still there...kind of bothersome

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Michelle, there are Pilates videos, lots of them. It's really best to get some one on one training first, though, and then work with the videos.


Knees not touching in first might mean that you are slightly bow legged, however, that does not necessarily have anything to do with extension.

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I personally would definetely recommend yoga. It may not be as effective for some as pilates is, but it is good for stretching after coming off of a long break from dance, or as a relaxer course for the muscles. Yes, it is a very mental thing, but it teaches you to be more in tune with your muscles, which is very important in dancing. It has helped me so far, so I would say to try it out and see what you think. Hope it works out for you!

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Perhaps, but I would like to add that yoga for ballet dancers is best when the discipline (I personally prefer Hatha) has been modified for use by ballet dancers. Yoga is least about the postures, but some of them can work against us, as the lotus position reinforces sickle-in. The bull, on the other hand, done properly, does not.

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Guest dancerkad

i had the same situation over the summer...one of my teachers suggested that i start yoga just to 'loosen up' (esp. my hamstrings) but i had no idea if i should actually give it a shot and when. my mom talked me into taking my first class which was way over my head and i felt completely lost. therefore, i urge you to start at a very basic level, if it's too easy it's a quick fix, just take it to the next level. as for when and for how long to do it, i just take a class sunday mornings for and hour and a half. it feels great! so far it's definitely helped me 'loosen up' and is sooo relaxing. perfect way to start a sunday :o



dancerkad :wink:

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I'm seriously thinking about taking a few yoga classes or something because over the break I didn't get to stretch as much because I had an injury and had to rest. I've done some yoga before. Can anyone recommend a tape or something or would it be better to just go to a class? Thanks. -Ballet4ever1

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When trying a new or even disused technique, it's always best to take a class.

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Guest annieh

My daughter started Yoga about a year ago. She only takes one class per week and she has become amazingly more flexible. She also says that it has helped with her focus and concentration. He instructor knows that she is doing it for ballett. I think that it is important to find the right instructor that values the students goals. She comes home so relaxed and happy and she states that it helps her sleep. She is only 10 and had no pre conceived notion as to what Yoga was to do for her.

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yoga is definatly great.there are so many different types that you can do.some are more physical than others.pilates is also really good...but in my opinion it is much harder than yoga.there are many different tapes that you can try that are made fof beginners...there are even some made for kids so they are less intense.

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