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I am so excited; I just got my order from dance discount, and I have managed to order three leotards that actually fit me! Sounds like a silly thing, but after a year of wedgies, I am so excited to have finally found leos that fit. I feel a lot more free in class not having to worry about my cheeks hanging out. I learned from dance discount that the material of the leo makes a big difference. Being really long, thin, and flat chested, I had a hard time finding a leo that would satisfy my length while not being too big up top. I learned that materials like Tactel and Dorlastan have a lot more stretch than cotton, perfect for my length issues. I really like these materials; they're soft, allow for lots of movement, and comfortable. For the long and flat-chested types, I have also found that Mirellas and Gilda Marx seem to work well, although I had to get a smaller size in the Gilda Marx than the Mirellas.


I just wondered what other materials people have had in leotards and what they liked and didn't like.

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Guest Hilarie

I am flat chested with a long torso and, uh, a slightly bigger derriere than your average dancer. I have also found that cotton lycra doesn't stretch as much as I need it to to fit well. I have a Tactel cami leotard from Body Wrappers that fits perfectly, and stretch velvet also works well (although it's a little warmer in the summer). Body Wrappers and Capezio fit me well. Mirellas don't cover in the back as well as I would like, and Blochs aren't long enough. I have a couple I got really cheap, but I always wear a tank top over them because I'm afraid I"m going to pop out the top. :blushing:

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Apparently cotton based leotards don't work for me. And I can never fit into Capezio leotards right. What does work for me is the Supplex nylon and Lycra spandex leotard from Danskin. It doesn't squeeze me to the point where I can't breathe, but it's also not ridiculously baggy. It took me a long time to find an outfit that worked for me, but it's so much comfortable to dance now that I have comfortable dancewear. :(

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I've wondered if I should get out of the dark ages and buy some non-cotton leotards. But they fit me fine and I don't usually like the feel of synthetics on my skin. I think one of those discount grab bags from Capezio would be a good opportunity to experiment with something new. A modesty issue—don't some of those thinner fabrics have a bit of show-through on top, or are you buying models with linings or shelf bras?

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I wear cotton leotards. I used to wear lycra and spandex leotards but they did not work for me: I sweat a lot in them and when we had breaks in rehearsal I was cold and get sick afterwards. I tried to wear a jacket over it in breaks but it just did not work. Then I tried cotton leotards and now they worked with the jacket over it. Although the colour washes out very quick but I just dye it black again.

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I wear cotton ones mainly since they breathe better (and 3+ hours of dance and rehearsals that is a good thing). I'm pretty tall and lean and wear Mirella's med-long mainly (or else stuff is long enough but too big all around) so that is mainly why I wear cotton, I have one Capezio cotton one but it fits oddly, Mirella just fits perfectly so I only wear those anymore and it's the only company I can get a large from and not have it be big in the bust and hips areas. I find cotton/lycra to stretch most. Sometimes I wear meryl which I like also but cause I sweat a ton it feels like a wet bathing suit so if I have a break inbetween a class or rehearsal like Claude I get pretty cold, the cotton dries up quicker. The only bad thing about cotton I can find is that when I sweat it shows but I don't care to much, it shows I work hardf. I have dress codes, mainly royal blue and Mirella is the only company to make royal in a tall size. With black the sweating isn't noticable. I use Woolite Dark with my cottons and have had no fading at all.


Nylon is evil, itchy itchy itchy lol.

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Guest Dancing Duranie

*heh* The first post about the wedgies had me dying laughing!


I've got um..........you know those things on top? Yeah, I have that issue to deal with. I usually get leos lined with a shelf bra, but then have to end up wearing either a sports bra or one of the dance bras as well.


I also have a tummy (which after 5 weeks is starting to disappear! Must be those 150 crunches 2-3 times a week!) and a boo-tay. Not a large boo-tay by regular life standards, but too much funk in the trunk for ballet standards!


I have two plain Capezio tanks that work really well for me. I think they are cotton. I also have a Gaynor Minden cotton/spandex(?....it's a little more stretchy than the Capezio) and a Mirella nylon/spandex. They all fit really well and I don't have any wedgie issues. I always always always get the ballet cut leg though. And then half the time I still end up wearing a skirt or dance pants over top of them just cuz my butt feels naked in pink tights and a leo. :D

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A modesty issue—don't some of those thinner fabrics have a bit of show-through on top, or are you buying models with linings or shelf bras?


I do buy models with shelf bra/lining. The shelf bra doesn't do much at all. But I always wear a bra underneath my leo's because that's the only way I'm comfortable.

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I have large breasts now, so I wear leos with a high back and a very supportive sports bra- I have yet to find the perfect one.( It was the appearance of these confounded things that made me leave the pro track). I prefer velvet in winter, and really like tactel, milliskin, cotton (to me that's still more modern than the nylon I grew up wearing), and this great support leotard by dance distributors that helps with any figure issues- it's got control in the title.

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Which models of Mirellas are you wearing? It sounds like I have a similar body shape to you and I am constantly tugging at my leotard in class.

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Give me spandex or give me death. ;) Seriously, the cotton lycra discolors so quickly...it goes from black to gray in one wash. Plus, the spandex helps hold the jiggly bits in better and support my torso. I just like how it looks best of all. I am short waisted with big boobs and no butt and the spandex has done the best with supporting my assets. :)

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Swiss Chard,


Sorry, just got this post. I am not sure which models. The models don't seem to matter as much as the material and brand. Just look in Dance Discount to check the material. I do have 2 cotton leos from Mirella, but the other materials are almost always better for me.

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Anything with cotton- I hate those plastic fibers. I love the soft and fluffy feel cotton/lycra leos have. I am quite flat chested, have a medium- long torso, a very small waist with a larger derriere :) and most standard leos fit so I have no problem with the cotton.

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