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Dyeing a Leotard

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I have a cotton leotard that, at one time, was periwinkle, until I accidently sent it through the wrong wash. I would like to dye it black, but I don't know a thing about dyeing clothes. Any dos and don'ts would be appreciated.

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This may require a top-of-the-stove job of dyeing. Black doesn't come out well in washer dye jobs, and isn't very fast besides. You end up with a sort of supertattletale grey! Get some RIT dye and follow the package directions for stove top dyeing. It's on the INSIDE of the box. Wash after the dyeing, of course, only in cold water.

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Also, sometimes if they have used polyester thread to sew the garment, the thread doesn't take up dye the same way that the material does! So the material is darker than the sewing thread.


Here (Australia) you can buy Rit in either the supermarket or the chemist/pharmacy.

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RIT dye is available at most supermarkets nationally throughout the US. It costs about $2.50 a packet in dry form, which I would recommend for this kind of job. You will probably be best advised to use two packets and add a cup of salt to the dye solution to make it a faster black.

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Mel is correct again! You won't get a true black.


You can however remove the color with a product called color remover also sold by Rit or Tintex. You'll need one box for a leo. If you remove the color first you can probably dye it back to perriwinkle if you like. The tip about the polyester thread is a good one. You can't dye or color remove polyester as it is dyed in the liquid state prior to making the filament that the garment cloth is then made from. If the polyester fabric has a spandex content the Spandex (lycra, dorlastane)will take the dye nicely. Good luck with your dye profect!

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