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How old were you when you started?


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I started jazz when I was 9, switched to ballet when I was 11.

One of my only regrets is not starting ballet sooner.

The other is quiting gymnastics.

I'm fifteen now and going on my 6th year of dance.

For some reason that thought scares me. :ermm:

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Infinitely Fritz

I stated at 3, still going at 15. I've always loved dance, but I just started getting serious this year.

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Guest Knight

I was twelve years old, started because of scholarship opportunities. I'm nineteen now and have been paid to dance three nutcrackers now. Also in college so it is all abit crazy :DB)

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Wow, I feel like a jew stumbling upon Israel in this forum!!!


I'm 27 and just started about four months ago. I didn't really have any intentions of becoming professional, but I have grown to love this so much, I wouldn't really mind if ballet consumed me. I want to do this every day.

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I am twenty now and started when I was twelve. My father supported my love for dance from the ages of 10 to 14 and then when my mother decided "boys don't do ballet" when I got a part in the Nutcracker and so I stopped. Still a bit bitter about that as you might imagine but am back on the bandwagon and hoping to get to a semi-pro level though ultimately can't imagine doing it professionally (plans of becomming a surgeon get in the way a bit...).


It is great to see that they are others out there who haven't danced straight through from starting at a young age.





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Started at 38, am still 38, I still can't dance, having utterly no aptitude in that area at all; but I've determined that rather than working at ballet as if it is some graceful form of defying gravity, I'll just treat it as falling down with style.


Though it has been some months of gruelling pain, agony and humiliation - and that's just getting to the studio - I'm still sort of entertaining the idea of sticking at it for the time being if for no other reason than the comedy value.


Until perhaps either my body throws the recalcitrance towel in and decides to do what I want it to do (which is develop an idea of rhythm and actually dance); or my doctor reckons I'm good enough at my sword fighting to not need to do ballet any more.


We shall see...

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... can't imagine doing it professionally (plans of becoming a surgeon get in the way a bit...)

I go to a residency clinic at my HMO, so I get a new doc every couple years. (I love it; they are full of enthusiasm and the latest knowledge!) A couple years ago I had a doctor who had been a professional ballet dancer. I figured med school must not that hard if you have enough brains and work ethic to be a dancer - she was pretty good at it!

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I figured med school must not that hard if you have enough brains and work ethic to be a dancer - she was pretty good at it!


Haha, no doubt! I find ballet more difficult that school, I guess that is the charm of it. Something like golf I suppose...

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Wow, good to see someone dusted this old thread off. Re-reading it, I see names I haven't seen around these parts in years. Wonder what happened to everyone?

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I loved rehearsing and performing, but didn't enjoy taking company class. It was only occasionaly that I was inspired by the class and/or teacher. Most of the time it was just "warming up". "Get it over with, so we can get to the real stuff."

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