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How old were you when you started?


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I loved rehearsing and performing, but didn't enjoy taking company class.


That's sad. Our company class was always very inspiring (at least when the AD taught it). He's a gifted teacher, and he explained that we shouldn't just be "warming up," but always seeking to go deeper into what we were doing. He would give us a lot to think about. But when others taught it, often it was just going through the motions.

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I was 23 when I started and was in my first professional company 5 years later. I danced for 10 years in companies and still perform now and then. It was totally unintentional, just loved doing it!

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I started at 27, about ten months ago. I train with the kids as a normal Cecchetti student.


I've already made some notable progress.

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Good for you, Trey, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :lol:

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Guest cs1987

I was 8, mom made me take ballet to play sports. I was so mad, but did not take long to love it. Danced until I was 14, choose sports. But loved every minute of it, thinking of starting again. Having hard time find a school that has hours for me.

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Welcome, cs1987, to Ballet Talk for Dancers. It's good that you want to start up again, and Indiana has a lot of teaching going on all over the place, even for adults. You can get a lot of peer advice on the Adult Students' forum, and of course the moderators will help you wherever we can.

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I started at 18 as well, summer after graduating high school. Wanted to take just cause it seemed "different" and fun, as well as something to keep me in shape. Give or take six months later and I knew I wanted to (or at least try to) make it my life. Ever since starting I've always thought of my age as though it were a giant blade hanging above me, suspended only by a quickly deteriorating thread, ready to snap and cleave my ballet dreams asunder. But it's also kind of funny since I never have felt as old as I am, nor even look it (people still think I'm fresh out of high school...and that's ok with me!). But I still wince whenever I have to utter how many years I've been around...


Oh, and for another fun fact, get this: I used to be the ultimate "fat kid" for almost 2 decades, culminating in 250lbs. and 45% body fat in 9th grade. Good thing I lost most of the weight BEFORE starting ballet (yikes...).

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I was 48yo when I started, then stopped for a bit because the classes were not geared for true beginners. Back into it at 50....love every minute! Wish I did it earlier, but hey, go forward!

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I started yesterday at age 44. I have been taking my 2 daughters to classes for about 5 years. They both said I needed to take lessons because "I don't move to good".


In the last 5 years I have really grown to appreciate the art form and the dedication of the dancers.

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I cant wait to start. I am in january i cant now cuz of college and i dont have the money

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