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My daughter seems to need a break from ballet since she returned from her SI. Everyday she says that she should go to class but she always says she will start tomorrow. How much time off is okay? Will she lose all the strength that she got from the summer intensive. Is anyone else hearing "tomorrow, tomorrow."

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I think most of them need a break after an intensive, pointetheway. I usually recommend two weeks off, at the least. Depending on the age of the student, more might be okay. With older teens, two weeks should be quite enough.

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My dd was anxious to return to her home classes immediately -- she couldn't wait to see her friends returning from various programs and her teachers. And she was so energized and inspired by her away program that I think she really wanted to bring that "home" so to speak. However, for the most part she has done only one class a day -- nowhere near what she was doing at her SI. AND -- the second week back, she definitely cut back to make time for non-dancing friends, summer reading, and yes, rest...attending maybe three or four classes a week. Then next week we are going on vacation, so total rest will be enforced.


Others that she knows took one week off, and some are definitely taking the two weeks or more.

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How does pilates fit into taking a break following the return from an SI? Is it a good idea to continue taking pilates during this break if my daughter would like to, or is it best to completely take a break from all ballet-related training?

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Two weeks is a good time off. Go to Siberia, go to the Adirondacks, go to anywhere where there isn't ballet or ballet-type activity. Give it a rest, awreddy! If you can't afford the trips, pretend that you're there.

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Your responses to take two weeks off are so timely! I feel much better hearing this. My 16-year-old dd hasn't taken a day off at all this summer (except weekends outside the SI program) until this week! I had to "strongly urge" her to stop this week and next just to give her body a rest (and go on vacation). She fought me on it initially but is now having a lot of fun with her non-dancing friends and also hanging out doing nothing. Of course, there is summer reading to finish ...

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:shrug: Just spent 2 lovely weeks in Vermont on a lake in the middle of no-where. NO BALLET and NO DRIVING! It was wonderful for DD and Mom. Kyaking, boating, tubing, swimming; stuff the rest of the world does. We are both now ready to face the schedule again. By the way, dd was able to really get some great stretching in and now has a complete split which alluded her for about three years. :thumbsup:
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Good. The time off helps the dancer retain equilibrium, sometimes literally. :shrug:

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Guest balletandsynchro

Our home studio is now closed until after Labor Day. Upon DDs return from her SI, she took class about 5x during the week and a half before the studio closed. She is still taking a Pilates reformer class once a week until she leaves in Sept. Otherwise she is having fun with friends, swimming, going to the beach, etc.. . It is good for them to take a dance break - let those bodies rest! :sweating:

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DD will take a break starting Sunday! One whole week of rest and relaxation. (and no driving!) She is upset about it and says she can't be off that long. I am not worried in the least. It will do this driven obsessed daughter of mine some good to have some down time.

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