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ADC roommate for August

Guest TigT

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I registered late for the ADC August session but I am still hoping to cut down on expenses by finding a roommate! If anyone is interested, please email me at Antigoni@gmail.com




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hi, i'm sorry I can't help with the rommate sitaution. but I noticed your from mass. you aren't a fellow bbs student are you? there are quite a few of us! well. look forward to meeting you sunday! :flowers:

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yup, I'm going back Ashley. I just can't get enough! although I am a bit concerned it wont be as fun without the crew. Scott and Brandon won't be there which is kinda disappointing ( word on the street is its classical PDD this time. "walkin" was so fun!) because they were fun but danile and kathy will probobly still teach our variations and rep. ('m hoping something from nutcracker even though thats so cliche) luckily though a bunch of people from boston are coming this time. Including a teacher. which will be good for me. I also hope a certin cute pas partner of mine is there as well ;)


ps.I will deffinatly find out the status of the video( wasn't the picture cute?!) and say hi to everyone for you! I may also be coming to the city soon to take class but i'll ask you about that later.

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