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Just saying hi - first class this week!


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I've been lurking for a couple weeks after finding this site and suddenly realizing adults can indeed take ballet classes!


My first class is Thursday. :D I'm very, very excited - my parents made me stop dancing when I was younger and it just never occurred to me I could pick it up again. Now it's been decades, literally, since I've danced but the enthusiasm is still there. Hopefully it will stick around despite the chubby out-of-shape body I managed to acquire.


Anyway, thanks for being a terrific resource. I look forward to swapping stories.



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Sweet, my first class is next week. Hope it goes well.

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Hello Sandy, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :flowers:


I hope you, and you too thebill, will enjoy your first classes! Tell us about it after you have attended that first one!

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Hi Sandy,

Glad you de-lurked :shrug:

I seeyou are from California. I used to live there for a couple of years, but back in the UK now. where in California are you? as we have lots of dancers from there; we may be able to provide more support that you think.

Keep us up to date and if you have any questions, no matter what , we will be here to help you.

Jeanette xx

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Tart and Bill,


Good luck, don't be disapointed if you feel like a klutz after your first class, (you aren't). Don't give up if every muscle in your body aches the next day (they will).

You are starting something that will change your life for the better, you will appear to grow taller to your friends and lose weight. You will hear music more intensely. You will become intimately close to the muscles in your body. All of these are good things, so enjoy the new experisnces! :shrug:



Toi, Toi, Toi, (dancers don't wish each other good luck) :shrug:


Mike Young

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Nan feeling like a clutz is all good. Thats why I am taking ballet to maybe gain some coordination... Of course I hate to be a thread stealer, so this one is all yours again.

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Clutz is good - there's something relaxing about being totally horrible!


That said... for some reason I'm very nervous about tonight. Thanks for the encouragement.


Also, I'm in San Jose - any comments about dance studios/teachers in the area are welcome.



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Well, I /do/ ache in muscles I didn't even know I had, but it's a good ache. Class was great. There were 9 of us and with one exception we're all at the klutz level, thank goodness. The teacher is really good at correcting without making anyone feel uncomfortable, and there was just a nice vibe of 'friends getting together to learn ballet.'


Thebill, I hope your class next week goes just as well! :)



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