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Victoria Leigh

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I'm going to have to look at some of these ideas. I weighed my daughter's school bag (it's part of the uniform and it's a backpack) today, as it looked pretty crammed. It weighed 15lbs, compared with her 60lbs (she's 11) - aaagh! She has just started secondary school and I think I need to act sooner rather than later. :dry:

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I don't know how to make one of those off topic signs, but in reply to Mel Johnson's post, I am now waiting for someone to start a topic that will allow us to break in to song about "a little tin box that a little tin key unlocks!" :wink::blushing:

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"Mr. X, let me ask you a question.

It's amazing, is it not,

That the city pays you slightly less than fifty bucks a week,

And yet you purchased a private yacht?"

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Yesterday, my son was sick, so when he wanted to get a head start on the missed homework we went to the computer and punched in the password and user code for his math textbook and voila! a blank page came up! Back to square one......

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Guest balletandsynchro

Too true! Happens at our school too - sometimes my students remind me to update the homework, but... I keep my webpage up to date about 95% of the time! It's that 5% that gets me introuble :wink: So...my goal for 2004-05 is to be at 100% :blushing:

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Thank you to all the previous posters for the great information. After reading this thread I went on the web and purchased a used copy of my daughter's huge and nasty math textbook that she needs to tote back and forth every single day. I never knew this was possible for middle school books. Now if only I could keep a set of books at the studio :P ha ha

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My reply is a bit late, but I recently joined the boards and this is my first post. Many schools will present the student with a second set of text books as long as there is a doctor's note. One set is kept in school, the other set at home. While her pack is still heavy with workbooks, notebooks, she no longer has to carry the text books. Please know that you have to get your requests for second sets in very quickly before school starts in the fall.

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And let me offer a welcome to you from all the administrators and moderators, 5p2. We're glad you're on board with us, and look forward to your active participation in discussion.

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You can also buy those roller, mini-luggage ones so that they can pull them instead of putting them on their backs.

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We tried the roller back pack, but DD is in a 5 story, no elevator (not sure any have this) school and the roller back packs are quite a bit heavier than a regular pack. We have been through endless packs of a variety of sorts. This year the best solution has been study hall and she works first on the homework that would require carrying the book home.

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Has anyone heard of Connections Academy or had any experience with it? I heard about this on the radio this morning and decided to take a look at it. I haven't looked at the website in depth, but from what I have read, this virtual, online school is sanctioned and funded by the Department of Education in twelve states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, MN, OH, OR, PA, TX, and WI.


All supplies, including textbooks and things like microscopes and even computers (if family/child has a financial need) are provided free of charge. It doesn't appear AP courses are offered, and the curriculum looks pretty thin as far as electives, but still a decent number to choose from, including foreign languages and music. Currently only grades K-9 are offered, but I read on my state's website that 10-12 will be offered soon, although "soon" was not defined. Students will have to participate in the state's standardized testing.


My DD is only 11, but this certainly sounds to me like it could be a really good alternative to those parents who have children attending residential schools without an academic program, or even those who need a more flexible schedule.


Does anyone else think this is a good alternative or am I being too optimistic?


Connections Academy

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I thought it might be a good idea, since school is starting soon, to bring up the backpack issue. There are a lot of threads on backpacks, so I just "picked one"!


I think I finally have my DD onboard with the idea of a rolling backpack, however she has informed me that it can't be "dorky". So now I'm searching online and in stores for one that will suit both of us. Anyone have one that they particularly like and held up well? I'm hoping I can get my 14 year-old non DD to use one too.

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My DD bought a rolling backpack a few years back only to find it did not fit in her locker! She ended up having to get something different because the school would not let her keep it anywhere else. Just thought I would mention it.....

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We just got cute rolling backpacks at Walmart. Under $10 and on the smaller side so that they should fit in lockers.

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