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Dancers and Backpacks

Victoria Leigh

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Sounds like it might grow to something in a few year. However, how does one teach music online? Just music history?



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Ms. Leigh mentioned that she didn't want discussion on this subject in her opening post.

Let me only drive the point home with an example. Years ago, when my daughter and her friends were 13-14 years old, one of her friends, a talented ballet student, arrived at ballet school every afternoon with a hugely heavy backpack which she had worn from school to the bus, rode to ballet school (I don't know whether or not she took the backpack off on the bus), then walked the few blocks to the ballet studio with the pack on her back. Not long into the school year, she developed such pain in her back and shoulders during barre that a visit to the doctor was in order. End result: she had to stop dancing for 6 months. After she returned to class in the spring, she had so much to catch up on that it led to her quitting ballet for good.

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Knock Knock...not a parent so please delete if necessary. :)


My parents and I have been seriously looking into enrolling me in a virtual school for this year. I have looked at a lot of their websites, and we really like Stetson's Florida Virtual School. I believe it is only for high school, but it has AP courses and some very valuable electives. We also looked into Keystone and Laurel Springs, among others. I have some friends that are going to use Laurel Springs this year and they are really excited about it. There is a similar thread to this: Online Schooling


I can provide the link to these schools' websites if you need them. :thumbsup:

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One solution: Last year, our school district let us put down a deposit to "rent" a second heavy math book to keep at home. Got the deposit back when it was returned at the end of the year. Plan to do the same with ALL heavy course books this year!!

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My Dd tried the rolling backpack a year or so ago, but gave it up. She is in a 5 story building and has to go up and down several flights several times a day. And the bus drier would not let them roll them on the bus, so she ended up having to carry it a good deal and the rolling back packs are quite a but heavier than regular.


I may look to see if we can purchase used copies of her other big textbooks. We have her math book at home. Last year, in 7th grade, what seemed to save us most was a study hall. She madea point to do the homework from the biggest books at school so they rarely had to come home. This year she agreed to have study hall again - she could have started later without one - since this proved to be a great way for her to free up carrying and afterschool time.


DD is now bigger and stronger so I worry less, but good luck to all who have petite DK and heavy school schedules.

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Go to your physician, explain that the backpack is too heavy, is causing potential back problems that could affect not only dancing but many other things. He/she can write a note stating that due to medical reasons, your daughter must have a set of books to leave at home. Even public schools must comply with a doctor's request, such as this.


Mine got this note for 9th grade, when she had an injury and her public highschool did comply, without any questions asked. Her injury was not noticeable to school personnel (no cast, limping, etc.) and only one time was she asked during the course of the semester if the books at home were really necessary. She said yes and no other questions were asked.

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My DD has her annual physical scheduled for Tuesday, and I'm going to bring up the backpack issue to her doctor. Her doctor is very supportive of her dancing and always making sure she's taking care of herself in respect to the number of hours she puts in at the studio every week. Hopefully she agrees that she shouldn't be carrying the backpack! I'll let you know next week!

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I think what I find interesting about Connections Academy is that because it's public, it's free. OK, I agree free is a relative term, but there are no books or supplies to purchase.


As far as music being taught online, from what I read the students get lessons on how to read music, and yes, music history. However, they also listen to recordings over the internet and have to answer questions about particular pieces. The academy also puts parents in contact with other parents who are nearby so field trips can be arranged. I know there's a recent thread about PE being taught online, and Connections offers PE too.


It seems to me that this might be the Department of Education's response to the homeschooling trend...the best of both worlds for some parents and children.

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*knock, knock*


one of my formor co-workers does and she augments her classes at the local community college. Which could be a choice for some kids because of most colleges flexible class schedule. Also, shes 15 and will be able to graduate by the time she turns 17 by taking the college classes.


I just wanted to throw that out there. Maybe it'll be helpful. :D

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Parents, please read the various topics on backpacks that we have from over the years, if you have not already done so. Backpacks are evil, dangerous things, at least when they contain books and they are on the backs of dancers. :thumbsup:

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I was just talking to my DD about this today Ms. Leigh, so your timing is perfect! This year she will be walking from school to the Metro -- a few blocks -- and I fear that lugging her overweight backpack will cause her problems.


Because teens consider rolling backpacks "nerdy" I suggested she utilize a folding luggage cart instead. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

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One idea is to buy a second set of books, one for home and one for school. Then all you have to carry is your notebooks. The middle school my son went to in Miami gave the students two sets, which was great. You never forgot your Math book ,or whatever.


Maine Ballet

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We always did the two sets of books, which does have the advantage that you never leave your books home. But the school my daughters attended insisted on a separate loose-leaf notebook for each subject....at least 7 notebooks per day. I got permission for my daughters to just take the current work in each day and provided them with small books for that. Carrying a year's worth of notes on your back each day is not necessary and can cause injury.

Just my thoughts.

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Two sets would be great, but my pocketbook can barely survive paying for the first set. Maybe one could look on Amazon for used version of the very big, and heavy ones.

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