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I'll be starting at a new school in a few weeks and I have to take a modern class. I chose either Graham or Horton, but I only want to take one so that I am able to squeeze in as much ballet as I can. I guess my question is, out of those two modern disciplines, which would be more supportive of a ballet training. Is anyone one of those better than the other in that aspect? Thanks!

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I'd say six of one, half a dozen of the other. To my way of thinking, Graham inadvertently constructed a technique more easily assimilated by ballet dancers, but that's just my opinion.

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Would they let you take a class in each before they let you decide? It might work out best for you to take each class to experience what the movement is like yourself, then decide.


I like both, personally, but Graham feels the most natural to me. If I have aches and I take a Graham class, they seem to go away. I have a friend who thinks Graham is horrdendously painful. It all depends on your body.

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thank you both for your replies! I have actually taken both forms before and there are things about both of them that I truly love, but seeing I only want to choose one, I was looking for one that would be more beneficial for me as a ballet dancer. I've gotta just look at pros and cons of both I guess ...

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Guest dancingforever

Hey, you're going to Ailey right? I had a great time there this summer! :D I only took Horton, so I don't know how Graham would be for you in terms of ballet, but Horton made me SO much stronger, as I'm sure you remember from your summer at Ailey. My center got a stronger, which helped my placement, which helped everything else! I'm sure that Graham makes you strong too, but I just wanted to share my experience with Horton. That said, you can always take Horton at Steps! Or take Horton and ballet every day at Ailey and Graham Mon/Wed/Fri and Dunham or something Tues/Thus. I guess it depends on how many classes you are allowed to take... Anyway, congrats again on going there year round!

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