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I really don't know anything about modern dancing. Is there an age that you would consider minimum before taking modern? I'm not sure yet, but my dd may be able to take a modern class every other week this fall - she will be 11 by then. Too young? Does it make a difference?

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knock knock, not a parent, hope that's ok!

At the studio where I study, they start modern classes at the advanced beginning level (mostly 9 and 10 year olds), and I think that this is very good for these younger dancers. It not only teaches then about a different form of dance other than ballet, but shows them different ways to use their bodies, many times helping them to improve their ballet technique! I have found that modern has worked different muscle groups (or the same muscle groups differently) than the ones used in ballet class, making me a stronger dancer. In my opinion, I think that this experience could be very beneficial, so go for it! Best of luck!

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I'm not a parent either, but I think it depends on the dancer, as to what age to take modern. I took a modern class last summer that had a group of 13 year old girls who continually giggled and didn't take things as seriously because they weren't doing things like mulitple turns and such. Then another group of younger girls came in later in the year and they were totally fine.

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