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First class!!


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I had my first ballet class tonight!! It was BRILLIANT! I chose to go to Ballet Academy East instead of steps just because of some various things I heard, and I'm so glad I did. My class is really small--only 3 other students, which means A LOT of individual attention! Which is really great.

I was never one of those who believed ballet to be easy--but I didn't expect it to be SO hard. Yeah, I know, I sound like the total beginner!

My teacher was SUPER nice and I can't wait to go back!!!


But I have a question. If I want to improve out of class also are there any exercises I could be doing out of class? Should I just go through the steps I learnt in class at home? or could that be detrimental?


I'm so happy I finally went to class!!!

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I would keep the at home work to floor stretching at this point, maksimate. Best to wait until you have a good bit more knowledge of ballet technique and how to do everything correctly, or you can build in bad habits on your own.

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