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This summer, my arms improved a lot. I felt like they got stronger too. Well, now one of my shoulders dislocates regularly, like, every time I put my arm in high fifth or even just out to the side in second. It really hurt at first, but not anymore... It kind of hurts, but not as much. It still pops out though, and I have just learned to deal with it and eventually by the end of the combination it goes back in. Should there be pain? I mean, if it is coming out, and going back in, every 5 minutes practically, shouldn't it hurt? Because before it only dislocated a few times a week and when it did, it hurt REALLY badly. I'm afraid that I have stretched out a tendon or something. I might go to the doctor if it gets worse. Does anyone have any advice on what to do? Also, I was looking in the mirror today and I noticed that my two shoulder joints are built really differently than eachother... is that common? :thumbsup::D

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I think it might be a very good idea to see an orthopedic surgeon about this, pink tutu. It is not normal for it to pop in and out, pain or no pain. And since there is a history of pain, I think maybe you need to find out about it.

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Thank you for the advice Ms. Leigh. I think my mom is going to schedule an appointment with a doctor that some other people from my studio have seen for dance-related injuries.

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