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looking for a good class in Baltimore/Annapolis

Guest adrienneshostak

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Guest adrienneshostak

Hi- I 'm a 27 year old intermeditate student from LA looking for a quality class in Baltimore and/or Annapolis in August and September. I'd prefer classical training if possible, and a class where it'd be ok for me to just drop in for a month. Baltimore would be best, but I'd be willing to drive for a good class, if need be!

Thanks - A

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Hi, Adrienne, and welcome the Adult Students' Forum at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :D


I've closed the duplicate of this post at Adult Students' Buddy Board, as exactly the same people read both this one and that one. Duplicate posts only make replying more difficult.


To introduce the site to you, I made you this link:




The most useful to you will probably be the "Rules and Policies" Forum and the "How to do Things" Forum.

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Hi Adrienne, welcome! I suggest Washington Ballet and/or Maryland Youth Ballet. MTB has more classes in August, but there are also some evening classes at WSB. In September there will also be morning classes at WSB. I don't know the schedule, but you can call and ask. I think the evening classes start next week, but not sure.

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Hi-I don't know about Baltimore. But, I second Ms. Leigh's recommendation about WSB and MYB. WSB evening classes resume 8/23; you can check their website or call for more details. Hope to see you in class!

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I'm a broken record on this, but I never pass up an opportunity to vent my favorite complaint :( : It's almost impossible to find a drop-in class in Baltimore. The schools here generally make you sign up for a whole semester. There may well be something in Annapolis, but the only place I've looked into there, Maryland Ballet Theatre, also seems semester-based, as well as being more oriented to kids rather than adults. I'll second (or I guess third or fourth at this point) the previous recommendations of WSB and MYB if you don't mind driving (they're both about 35-40 miles from Baltimore).

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