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what has been your biggest accomlishment last year

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What has been your biggest acomplishment last year. Mine was finally learning to be consistent at Grand Allegro. One of my big goals for next year will be to learn to spell ha ha

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My biggest accomplishement last year was getting onto pointe, not so much for itself but because that forced me to take 3+ classes every week, and take them very seriously; as well as making swift strides in actual pointe technique it helped me to finally straighten out my alignment issues (no pun intended), and my balance has gotten freakishly (for me) good.


:) Okay. I'm pretty proud of the couple clean doubles I've managed on pointe (all by accident; Why does that happen? I do a test pirouette to fix something about my arms and gently sail around two times and land in a perfect fifth. Then when I try again all hell breaks loose. :D )

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Mine was being asked to be in a performance this fall. It'll be my first time outside of the ADC performances. :)

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One of my biggest accomplishments last year was getting onto pointe, but I'm certainly not as advanced as Dido after 1 year. And also I was invited to the advanced class. I'm not saying I can keep up with them, but I'm getting there.

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Being able to do a clean single pirouette en dehors on my "good side". So I even continuing turning into a double after 360 degrees :rolleyes: ! But I cannot land a double though :) .


I have just worked out why my singles are not clean on my "bad" side so I am working on them!


This is as close as I have ever been to even seeing the light in the endless (dark) pirouette tunnel :angry:

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