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Ever since I got back from my summer intensive, I feel like I can barely get off the ground in jumps. I used to be able to jump so easily and get very high, etc. But now it feels like I'm struggling to get in the air. Does anyone know what might be happening? How I can fix it?

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And I have the experience that says it has a lot to do with what you've been doing. Sounds like fatigue to me. Take two weeks off, and I mean off!

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SFB2B- can you tell me what the nutritionist said about what eating has to do with it? Like not eating enough? It would be greatly appreciated.


Mr. Johnson- lol it's so hard for me to take 2 weeks off! I just miss it so much and feel that I need to be dancing or else I'll come back horrible. I'll try a week, hopefully it will help.


Thanks you guys! :)

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