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Guest Until The End Of Time

I have probably spent all summer trying to find a decent enough school to gain lessons at, since I won't be able to go to Neglia Ballet school for at least winter 2006, when I dorm at Buffalo State college after my last semester at ECC. Arghhh, I am frustrated. :):D Yes I am mad too. I heard the Future Dance center is a good place, but I also heard you have to audition, and frankly I doubt I'd be able to get in there, after a year of Ballet at my original school, I highly doubt that qualifies me to bother let alone audition. I don't want to keep dancing at studios and switiching up all the time to find a good place that will actually help me. I could just finish two semesters this year and go to Buffalo State for that one semester and recieve my Associates degree in 2005 and still go there to get my Bachelors degree. I have so much passion for dancing especially for Ballet, and looking for promising or decent studios isn't helping much, I hate wasting time doing little things when there are bigger things to overcome. It's a burden really, I know I've been told to put of college, but I can't work minimum wage jobs and then go to college later. I wish someone knew some information about Gino & Denise Vaccaro the people that own Future Dance Center, the other place I danced at was Performing Arts Dance which was owned by Suzanne Bernas Mall. I wish I had someone to help me. I'd rather be shipped off to some Ballet school and do ballet 24/7 rather than do what I am doing now.

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Although I don't quite understand your problem, I think I understand where you're coming from. I just graduated high school and only just started dancing recently. But I already just want to dump everything, find a waiting job and go to some studio that'll have me for full time ballet class!

I'm a firm believer that things that are meant to be will be. You seem like you're willing to work hard, and so I'm sure things'll work out!

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Guest Until The End Of Time

I am not the type who gives up easily once my mind is set to it. Check out my horses, I spent so much time on them because I was so eager to have the best horse my family has seen. I am a very determined person with a lot of ambition, if I can get it then I'll go for it and give it my all, some people mistake me for those who say things instead of doing it, I prove them wrong and make them look half arsed, I wasn't happy with a regular highschool diploma, I went back for a whole year just to get my regents diploma, how many people do that and stay there to get just a stamp put on their diploma saying they achieved the best diploma in New York State. It may not mean anything in other states but to me it means a lot. Those who know me, know I never give up, I may get discouraged like anyone else, but that doesn't mean I stop doing it, I keep at it until I smell blood like a shark and go for it. Please don't mistake me for one of those "talkers", I will RUN instead of walk the walk.

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End of Time.


I've taken a few classes at the studios in Buffalo. Im' not sure I can help you out but I can try! You can aol Im me by using my name. I'm usually on in the afternoons.

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