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Does anyone know what's the oldest that CPYB will take for their year round program? I know they don't audition--but is there an age limit?

Oh, and how much is tuition? I've been looking around their site and can't find any of this information!


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I know this isn't my section because I am not old enough but since no one else answered it I thought I could help. I am going to cpyb this year and the tuition for cpyb alone for one year is 1,500. There are more expenses like host family or apartment unless you live in carlisle. I dont know if they really have an age limit I have met people from cpyb who are up to 22 years old. I would go visit the school making the move to cpyb is really big and a lot comes into play with doing it. It is a great school though so I hope I helped!

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