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One of dd’s teachers suggested she use a theraband to strengthen her feet. So by doing this last year (she used it about 3 times per week for a few minutes each time) along with making sure she worked her feet well in class, she has visibly improved her arch and her strength. Now she doesn’t want to continue to use the theraband because she is concerned with overuse. I think she has heard something negative about “banana feet” from a student in the school and is worried that she will develop banana feet. She says she is concerned that her foot will become overstretched, too much of an arch, and then weaken her foot, which may cause problems when she begins pointe work in the fall (11 yrs old). Is there any merit to these concerns?

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While anything can be overdone, I seriously doubt that "banana feet" can be developed by a theraband! Banana feet are those extremely high arched, high instep feet. Some are attached to strong ankles, and that is fine, but often they come attached to weak ankles, and that is why they can be a problem. This is structural, not created by stretching. If your daughter has insteps which need building, then working with the theraband is a good idea. Doing it daily for a few minutes would not be a problem at all. If she already has banana feet, then that stretching is redundant. :angry:

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