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cramping arches

Guest nln87

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I'm 16, and when I do difficult parts on point during performances, my arches seem to cramp badly and I can hardly finish the dance. I'm miserable and I look terrible doing the dance because it looks like i'm not a good dancer. Is there anything i can do to stop the cramping.

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What has worked for me in the past is to make sure that my feet are very very VERY well warmed up and stretched out, and then they don't cramp very much! Using a theraband has been the best way for me to warm them up.

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Hello nln87, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :thumbsup:


Cramping is usually caused by either excess tension or a lack of potassium in the system. Excess tension (like performance nerves) can also cause excess perspiration, which depletes the potassium. So, try eating bananas before a show, and also work on learning to relax a bit and enjoy performing. When you get nervous backstage, keep moving and try to shake out all the muscles until they relax. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly.

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Guest dancingostrich

My arch cramps alot but its not durring a performance, its in calss i try to eat enough potassium. but with out fail i get a cramp in my right arch by the end of class. i try messaging it out but the only way it goes away is when i stop dancing. is there any sugestions on what else i should do? is it bad that this is happening?

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Yes, it's bad that this is happening, dancingostrich. Pain is never a good thing :thumbsup: Sounds like you might be gripping your toes a lot, and not using the whole foot, especially in demi plié. Try working barefoot and watch what your feet are doing.

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thanks everyone for the help for cramping arches. One of my moms friends also suggested deep tissue massage. Do you think that would help.


I'm really upset over this problelm because I was finally given a good part in my schools summer production and then I couldn't even get up on point half way through the dance. It was a pas de trois from swan lake. Not real long but kind of hard. And now nutcracker auditions are coming up ( we audition with our area's professional company). Last year I got picked to be in the corp of Waltz of the Flowers. Even though I only did three performances I was so excited because it was such an honor. Rehearsals went fine in the begining but then when we really started dancing, there went my arches. I couldn't even feel my feet half way through the performces. I'm afraid I din't make a real good impression with the artistic director and I am worried about this year. I'm even tempted not to auditon this year. Being in the Waltz corp is the top part for non-professionals. There are only selected students who get picked for that. Anything else would be a come down. So, I hope I get this problem fixed. Again, do you think deep tissue massage would help. :yes::wub:

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It might help, temporarily, but the problem is that one needs to figure out what is causing this to happen in order to fix it. Read above.

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